Amla and Castor Oil
Amla and Castor Oil

Amla and Castor Oil

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  • Amla and Castor oil combined are extremely rich in Vitamin C & E, which  produces collagen and maintains the pH level balance of the scalp.  Moreover, it increases the scalp circulation, deeply conditioning your hair follicles and stimulating healthy growth in both length and volume.
  • For Wet Clean Hair, dispense oil into your palms and run through strands then L.O.C. in with conditioner. For Dry hair, use a light amount as sheen or massage into scalp to spot treat problem areas.
  • Pure Castor oil(Ricinus communis), Pure Amla Oil (emblica Officinalis), Fragrance.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and any open or irritated skin. If eye contact occurs, rinse throughly with water.